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Great fit and love the bright color!

H2O Visor

Great look and good protection from the sun and rain but would prefer an adjustable strap rather one fits all as I have a very small head. All round a great product


Excellent buoy for keeping me noticeable in the ocean. Easy and comfortable to use.

A hug whilst drying

I absolutely love this towel. It's a striking colour with an attractive pattern and it's REALLY soft. My 1 year old also loves it... so much that she has tried to steal it! I'm really looking forward to warmer weather, so that I can use it when lying by the pool or on the beach. Brilliant!

Swim cap

Very comfortable and great material

I love my new wave goggles

Great look and colors

Great product

Very beautiful and bright color

New Wave Fusion Goggles (Molten Pearl = Revo Lens in White Frames)

Very nice googles, easy to put on and off and very secure

zzz - New Wave Swim Paddles - DNU
Awsome product!

I am very satisfied with this product it has great quality and looks!!!

I wish I'd tried this sooner

I've been trying the New Wave launchpad and think it's a fantastic product. So far, I've used it to keep my feet clean and dry in the swimming pool changing room, but I can see that it would be really useful at a triathlon or for open water swimming. It dries quickly and has a soft, cosy feel.

the launchpad is not too heavy to carry, but the thickness and weight mean that it won't get rumpled up on the ground like a towel does. It's also a lovely bright colour that stands out, with an attractive design on it. I'm really looking forward to suing this for my first triathlon of the year.

zzz - New Wave Swim Paddles - DNU

Great for training and improving technique


I can save the indispensable and it's great

Material de natación

Todo perfecto. Súper contento

Love it!

Great products! The towels are amazing.

Excellent goggles!!

I LOVE these- so sleek and they fit perfectly. I was wearing huge goggles as small ones kept slipping, but I tried these and they are the best!

Fusion Goggles - Blue Ice

Love the 'Blue Ice' swimming goggles as they provide a great fit, clear vision and no fogging - Highly recommend :-)

Keep things dry

I use this pouch to store either my car keys or my phone when I'm doing open water swims or swimrun. I usually stuck it in my wetsuit and it keeps the content dry, no fuss. Sometimes I use it also at the swimming pool to have my training plan with me; it's a bit over the top but it works fine too. The case is not heavy and the locking mechanism easy to work out even with freezing fingers


I tried them in a pool they are super!!!


Excelente material y muy rápida la entrega a España.Un servicio genial .

Best mat ever

Love it the material is AMAZING the rubber underneath is so practical love it.

Thank you

Received guickly and very useful for our holiday.

Amazing product

the lenses are fantastic, they do not fog up and their weight is excellent. Having several sizes for the nose makes them very attractive.

Highly visible for open water swimmers! Awesome Cap

I am avid open water swimmer who has a fear of being run over by a boat or jet ski!!!! This swim cap is super comfortable and is highly visible. It Matches my buoy and boats often signal that they see me from afar! Highly recommended.

Open Water swimmer who loves this Buoy!

I swim in an area with heavy boat traffic and always feel comfortable with this buoy! Earlier today, I was swimming and a fisherman signaled to me that he saw me from a distance. I can throw my car keys in the 'dry bag' section and head out for some nice swims not worrying about my keys on the shore! Highly recommend this buoy!

Best Beach towel!

This has got to be the softest beach towel ever. Still soft after multiple uses and using it on the sand at the beach! Nice and colorful also. Highly recommend it!

Great goggles

Those goggles are very comfortable, great vision, no leak, and they look awesome!


New Wave Fusion Goggles (Bonfire = Revo Lens in Black Frames)

zzz - New Wave Swim Paddles - DNU
Favorite Weapon

These paddles are awesome! They are so good that my wife has stolen them and I have had to order another pair. Seriously, I really like these paddles. Really nice in the water and doesn't feel like you taped dinner plates to your hands.

Love them

They are great light weight confyrtsbke don’t leak very streamlined and don’t fog

Best Mat in the world! Love it!

Beautiful product!

Awesome goggles

A great product, best goggles I've worn

Great Visor

The new design is really an improvement

Towels n swag.

Great fluffy beach towels, awesome products. Can’t wait to use them.


Can’t wait to try everything!!!


Great products, super bright, so nice and safe. Love them


New Wave Open Water Swim Buoy - Large (20 liter) - TPU Orange

zzz - New Wave Swim Paddles - DNU
Great Training Tools

NWSB Paddles are amazing! The different sizes allow for swimming of different abilities and sizes a perfect fit rather than a poor one size fits all approach! Great items just like the rest of theri stuff!

Superb in every way

I can't say enough about how much I love my new New Wave Fusion Goggles. They are clear, they don't leak, they look good too. I have had nothing but great experiences when purchasing from New Wave. Customer for life!

Best towel ever

By far the softest towel I’ve ever felt!!! Definitely recommend

Super goggles

The new goggles fitting perfect and making a wonderful light

Cannot wait to use!

cannot wait to use this during this coming season! So excited on another great product!


New Wave Fusion Goggles (Bonfire = Revo Lens in Black Frames)

New favorite towel!

Love it!

Great goggles!

Fantastic goggles - sits firmly around the eyes, no leakage, is very comfortable and haven’t experienced fogging yet (used it 10+ times so far). Also the straps don’t slip from your cap when pushing off the wall and/or tumble turning which is a real plus. So far used it in pool only but reckon it will work well in open water too. Brilliant product - may need to stock up on some more come racing season!

Awesome product!

These goggles work great, and look cool too! Good optics, comfortable fit, and the measurements on the straps are a big help.