New Wave Swim Buoy: Be Bright - Be Seen
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Swag - New Wave Mesh Backpack For Triathlon Gear, Swimming Equipment And Beach Toys

New Wave Mesh Backpack for Triathlon Gear, Swimming Equipment and Beach Toys

$ 14.95
  • Many swimmers and triathletes use mesh bags for storage and transportation of swim equipment that needs to dry out after practice.
  • Equipment that is often placed in mesh bags includes New Wave Swim Buoy, wetsuit, water bottle, fins, pull buoy, kickboard, snorkel, goggles, waterproof cell phone case, sunscreen, swim cap, swim suit, towel, change of clothes, etc.
  • Mesh bags make it easy to keep your gear separate, and then to dry it out between practices.
  • This mesh bag comes in a traditional drawstring design with dual adjustable shoulder straps connected to the base of the bag with reinforced corners.
  • Extra Large Size - 50 cm x 68 cm (20 in x 27 in)

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