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Swag - New Wave Launchpad - The Fastest Transition Mat In Triathlon

New Wave Launchpad - The Fastest Transition Mat in Triathlon

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  • New Wave Launchpad Transition Mat is the best way to organize your equipment and protect your feet from gravel, dirt and sand. Towels are too flimsy, gym bags are unorganized, while "transition buckets" are generally used by the eccentric baby-boomers that want the full "sit-down experience" in a crowded transition zone. With the New Wave Launchpad Transition Mat, you will be sure to have some of the smoothest and fastest transitions of all time.
  • New Wave Launchpad is crafted from a magically flexible microfiber slip-resistant fabric on top, while the sole is made of durable ultra-light rubber with zig-zag tread for added grip. The microfiber fabric top is brightly colored with shimmering hues that practically reflect light. Plus, this suede-like material is extremely soft to touch and slip resistant, even when wet. Furthermore, it is remarkably easy to clean, fast-drying, and machine washable.
  • Part of executing an efficient transition in triathlon is being able to quickly spot your transition area and access your equipment. With this bright New Wave Launchpad, you will quickly be able to find your transition area, and wield your perfectly organized swim-bike-run essentials. It rolls up compact, to transported in your gym bag. Use it in the locker room to keep your feet warm and dry, while avoiding direct contact with the germs on the locker room floor.
  • New Wave Launchpad has a multitude of uses outside of triathlon. Put it in your picnic basket to have an elegant place to sit down with your date for a quick baguette while listening to French accordion music. Use it as clean place to stand near your car to change your outfit after a bike ride. If you winter-swim, it can even be used as thermal protection on slippery ice, snow or frozen sand. Imagine your freezing pool deck transformed into a tropical paradise for your toes.
  • Once you feel the magical micro-suede upper of this New Wave Launchpad beneath your feet, you will not want to leave home without it. This may cause social problems once you start bringing it everywhere, or if you begin flaking on your plans with friends just to have more time with your new transition mat. You may find yourself making any excuse possible just to wiggle your toes upon its heavenly softness again. We hope you enjoy using your New Wave Launchpad, but please do so in moderation.

New Wave Launchpad - Triathlon Transition Mat has many uses:

  • On Race-Day in Transition Zone - Brightly colored for easy spotting in the commotion of race-day transition. Layout your swim-bike-run gear and nutrition for quick access and efficient flow.
  • Training Outdoors Near your Car - Perfect size to keep it in the car for standing near your car as you are changing in and out of your gear during training
  • Training Indoors - on Pool Deck or Locker-Room - Compact enough to fit in a swim bag or your gym locker to keep your feet warm and dry or avoid direct contact with the pool deck or changing room floor germs.

Size / Dimensions: 31 in X 17.5 in x 2 mm
Size / Dimensions: 78 cm X 44.5 cm x 2 mm


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I wish I'd tried this sooner

I've been trying the New Wave launchpad and think it's a fantastic product. So far, I've used it to keep my feet clean and dry in the swimming pool changing room, but I can see that it would be really useful at a triathlon or for open water swimming. It dries quickly and has a soft, cosy feel.

the launchpad is not too heavy to carry, but the thickness and weight mean that it won't get rumpled up on the ground like a towel does. It's also a lovely bright colour that stands out, with an attractive design on it. I'm really looking forward to suing this for my first triathlon of the year.


The best !!!

Best mat ever

Love it the material is AMAZING the rubber underneath is so practical love it.

Best Mat in the world! Love it!

Beautiful product!


Can't wait for tri season to start to use!!

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