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Triathlon Lingo - Dictionary for Commonly Used Triathlete Terms

Andrei Lozovik

This triathlon dictionary is meant to give some basic definitions to some of the complex terms in the triathlon world.

Aerobars – extensions on the front handlebars of a bicycle. These extensions are used to lean into the riding posture so as to get the most aerodynamic.

Brick Workout – This is a workout where you first ride your bicycle and then run. This is to simulate the second transitions (T2) in a triathlon race. Most people try to do these workouts at their race pace.

Interval Workout – Interval workouts are based on pushing your body to its limits for a short amount of time and then returning to a steady pace for a time and then repeating. These workouts help to build your stamina and speed over time.

Mountain Bike (MTB) – the typical bike that is being sold in stores today is a mountain bike. These bikes can be used in triathlons but usually are heavier in weight than a tri-bike or a road bike.

Road Bike – a road bike is a bike that is lighter and with smaller tires than the typical bicycle. It is meant to be ridden for long distances.

Tempo Workout – A workout designed to function at 70-80% of your max effort but doing it over a long course. Being consistent in pace and timing are important. Some believe that tempo runs will help you to build up for a long race. It is also a great way to vary your workout schedule with other types of workouts.

Transition 1 (T1) – the first transition in a typical triathlon race. This transition goes from swimming to biking in most triathlons.

Transition 2 (T2) – the second transition in a typical triathlon race. This transition goes from biking to running in most triathlons.

Triathlon Bike – these bikes are designed for the triathlon in mind. They are similar to a road bike but have a smaller wheelbase for ease of mounting and dismounting.

Triathlon Lingo - Dictionary for Commonly Used Triathlete Terms

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