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Top Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Can you open the bag to access food or hydration in open water? How can you eat and drink in the middle of training with these?

Answer: You sure can. Unroll it and undo the belt. The inflation compartment is separate from the dry bag compartment... water will get into the drybag but it's worth the snack. Here is the video that shows the basics:

By New Wave Swim Buoys SELLER on July 22, 2016

Question: How does it hold up swimming through ocean surf?

AnswerOur open water swim club swims with these every week out in the Gulf of Mexico under all types of various surf conditions. You don't even no that you are wearing them. We keep water, gu inside..great space. Highly recommend them.

By Lisa Dougherty on August 25, 2017

QuestionWill the dry bag compartment keep my cell phone dry?

AnswerI'll admit that I was a bit skeptical when first putting my iPhone in the New Wave Swim Buoy for a long swim and actually wrapped my phone in saran wrap the first time to protect it in the worst case scenario. However, at the end of my swim an hour and a half later, I found there to be absolutely zero signs of any liquid getting inside the buoy. I love carrying my phone in my buoy and have even stepped out of the water on an island in the middle of my swim to take a photo a moment that I never could have captured and shared before my New Wave Swim Buoy!!! As extra precaution, you could put the cell phone in a plastic bag!

By Matt Gossett on September 11, 2016

Question: How big is the 15L size? Like how much stuff can it hold? I need to put 3 passports, cards, phone and maybe some medications.

AnswerI have the smallest size and I recently fit a pair of thin flip flops, t shirt, light shorts, sunglasses, 2 cards, water bottle and chamois AND cell phone. Worked great. All dry.

By NWSB SELLER on November 27, 2017

Question: What size is the waistband?

AnswerIt is adjustable. I am a M 29 waist and I can close it down to fit my waist. I am not sure how big it goes or how small but it is adjustable.