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Tri Taren Swim Buoy Review - Is Swim Confidence Good For You?

Don't forget to to watch Triathlon Taren's Video Review of New Wave Swim Buoy


Based on 313 reviews
Awesome goggles!!

Very comfortable goggles, no fog and no leaks!! Love the adjustable straps with numbers for an even fit. Loved them so much, I bought a second pair.

First Class

Love how this cap feels

The best Swim Buoy

These are a must have for anyone swimming in open water. Solid construction and totally reliable.

I love my New Wave Swim Buoy

These are awesome! Open water swims are so much better since I can focus on my swim knowing I can be seen. I’ve had one for two years now and it works as good as the day I bought it.


I ordered a towel and shoe laces and I received extras including a swim bag which was awesome. It’s great for all of the equipment I carry to the pool. I love the towel, so soft and light. Thank you so much Newwaveswimbuoy.

Speed laces / swim belt

This is the first time I have ordered from New Wave and I have to say a very good experience. Great price and arrived on time. I was really pleased by the free shipping. I would highly recommend this company.

Awesome ocean safety!

Bright. Durable. Keeps keys & phone etc safe & dry.
Feels safer now when I'm ocean swimming due to bright colour & size of buoy. Comfortable to wear. Great investment!
Thanx for all the extras!

Great swim buoy - perfect!

I love this swim bouy! Easy to use and great for me as I carry my phone to take photos and an inhaler just in case so it works perfectly. Great colour and highly recommened


Love the bright colours and the size of the towel was great. So soft and will definitely be well used. 💞

Easy to use high visibility

Several member of the team are using the new waves and highly recommended it. I purchased the upgraded version with the waterproof tote system. The truth is a couldn't tell the difference between the original basic and the new waterproof system. They are both low profile and have high visibility. As an open ocean swimmer both aspects are very important and new waves meets both the criteria. Highly recommended.

Good for the camera too

Tried it out at the swimming pool the other day and it worked great keeping out the water and keeping my camera dry.

Pink Swimcap

Love this swimcap for added visibility during my open water swims! Stays snug and secure through lakes and ocean waves!

New Wave Swim Buoy Caps

These caps are so comfortable! Especially if you are a girl with long hair, which can option be hard to find a good cap.

Two Float

I love the pink tow float. It;s great to be able to take gear for long swims and doesn't bother me towing the float, which I thought it might have.
Also , great how bright they are which is good for being visible for boats and jet skis.

Pink Fleece Towel

soft and light! Love it!

Best goggle on the market

Love the fit and visibility. The best goggle I've owned.

Really great swim goggles comfortable and excellent vision in blue lens

Ingenious and simple!

I love the swim buoy-I can find my grandchildren in the lake at a glance and know they are safe as they grab the product if they get tired. I bought one for all eight of them. The customer service was superb!

Ready to Launch

I'll never bother with a towel as a transition mat ever again. This mat is thick, sturdy, soft and the perfect size for T1 and T2!

Huge, soft towel!

I love the size of this towel- great for wrapping up after a cold swim. It’s also made with really soft material. Perfect!

Very Happy!!

100 % comfortable!!! Me encanta el color brillante, ademas tienen una visibilidad muy clara, y se mantienen ajustados en todo tiempo y el
Material es de excelente calidad!!!

Great aide

Very helpful swimming in the bay. So glad I got this.


I Love my new swim cap