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Best Swim Buoy Reviews - Which Swim Buoy is Best For You?

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Based on 295 reviews
Ingenious and simple!

I love the swim buoy-I can find my grandchildren in the lake at a glance and know they are safe as they grab the product if they get tired. I bought one for all eight of them. The customer service was superb!

Ready to Launch

I'll never bother with a towel as a transition mat ever again. This mat is thick, sturdy, soft and the perfect size for T1 and T2!

Huge, soft towel!

I love the size of this towel- great for wrapping up after a cold swim. It’s also made with really soft material. Perfect!

Very Happy!!

100 % comfortable!!! Me encanta el color brillante, ademas tienen una visibilidad muy clara, y se mantienen ajustados en todo tiempo y el
Material es de excelente calidad!!!

Great aide

Very helpful swimming in the bay. So glad I got this.


I Love my new swim cap

Best ever

Amazing products. Just what I needed for my swimming. Not only are the products amazing but customer service is fantastic.

Awesome visibility

I love the new wave swim buoy. It has given me confidence that boats and PWCs will see me when I am swimming in open water.
It was a great decision to get the buoy and the swim cap is also great. Love the neon orange. Hard to miss.

Liked it so much I bought another one

I bought a swim buoy for myself for visibility while swimming in a nearby lake with boat traffic. I liked it so much I bought a second one as a gift. The design is great. The buoy doesn’t deflate, and you can pack whatever you need. I like being able to keep Lynn phone and keys (in the dry bag) with me rather than leaving them on shore. The price is great. This is much more reasonably priced but than other swim buoys I have found. And the customer service was great. I would recommend this to any open water swimmer.

Love the bright blue. Fits great.

Swim cap

I love my neon green swim cap it’s super bright and easy to see and extremely comfortable! Everyone should have at least one! New wave keeps impressing me!

Swim paddles

Very comfortable and extremely easy to swim with love them and look forward to using more products!

Very impressed

I swim with my dog in a lovely lake. I’m especially glad to have it because sometimes no one else is there, should we have a problem. (Although we never have.)

Must have for snorkeling!

Great buoy! I mean a personal buoy just made snorkeling life easier! SOOO compact and lightweight, can bring everywhere! Ordering was easy and lightning speed shipping! Would definitely recommend! Thanks!

Great Swim Aid

This is very easy to use. Boaters now tell me they can see me easily in the water. There is no drag whatsoever and it is easy to hook up. I used it with the dry pack for my phone and it kept my phone completely dry. It also keeps you afloat if you want to rest while swimming. I highly recommend this when swim in open water.

Fleece towel

Love it!! Will great using whilst swimming through the winter outdoors!

Great Product

Excellent quality product that is very visible and helps with flotation when required. Was also used to keep my keys and phone dry and safe, rather than left unsupervised on the beach.

much more than transition

While this will be the best $25 you ever spent on your tri transitions, you'll keep finding other uses for it. I love it for after open water swims -- nice to have something sand-free to stand on after you wipe off your feet. And it's total luxury once the sand gets either hot or cold. And it's thin enough to protect your car seat if you have to drive home in your wet swim clothes.

Super fast delivery and super light swim bubble. Perfekt!

The swim bubble is super light.
What we like best is the valve that allows you to regulate the air in the compartment also when you are in the water!
We love it!

Great Tool For Open swim

Training for a triathalon and swimming is my weak area. The swim buoy was the exact tool I needed to safely train for open swim. It’s a psychological tool as well, because it’s there if you need it and does not interfere with the mechanics of your swim. I love it!

Orange is my favorite color

I love New Wave Swim Bubble. So light and easy to swim - doesn't feel like anything is drifting behind me at all. Thanks team