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Tri Taren Swim Buoy Review - Is Swim Confidence Good For You?

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Based on 387 reviews
Great Product

Excellent piece of mind and storage on OWS. Not sure how i did it without it n the past, additionally, I am now visible to boaters making my family feel better when I am out there.


Great product abd excellent costumer service!!

Better than expected

Very happy with purchase! Arrived before I thought it would. Came with some awesome freebies. Ise it every week.

Best safety training tool


I am a master age 180 lbs swimmer. Over many years of open water training I have towed a traditional life guard rescue tube with a six foot lanyard. The down side is constantly tangling my legs in the lanyard. Even shorting the lanyard, the rescue tube impedes kicking. When swimming, the New Wave Swim Buoy floats above the buttocks and thus there is never a leg tangle. Unlike the rescue tube there is no shoulder strap to slide down on my arm, thus my stroke is never impeded . While not a substitute for the applications designed for a professional life guard rescue tube, the Swim Buoy provides good buoyancy., is easy to grip through the integrated handle and comfortable to lay on and "dog paddle" and kick to shallow water. The orange color really stands out. Combined with the matching color swim cap gives me two points of recognition. The Swim Buoy is the ultimate safety device for an experienced swimmer.


A must

My sister introduced me to the Swim Buoy for our trip to Greece so that we could have the added protection during our sailing trips. I loved the security I having one attached to me especially if I get tired of swimming in open water, I could have the safety net of leaning onto to Swim Buoy. I will definitely plan on having one with me during any travels that might find me in water.

Best anti-fog goggles

I used them only once but from all the different goggles I have used this have the best anti-fog treatment. They look a bit cheap but are very effective. I had some problems adjusting them to my face. Once I got them right all went well. I have to say that New Wave customer service is fantastic.

Excellent Swim Buoy and safe swimming

I recently purchased the New Wave Swim Buoy 20L. I have used swim buoys for several years. However this is the first time I bought the New Wave (I also got the swim caps). Congrats is a great buoy and I am very pleased with it. I like that I can store easily, roll up for more sapace in my bag and the neon green is the best color to have boats aware of your prsence. I friend told me he could spot me really far away from his sport fishing boat. Esay to inflate and deflate. I am very happy with it.

New wave swag

Got my stuff really quickly, and all in perfect condition. Love the colours and equipment you provide and the social media stuff that allows us to show it off 😊 brilliant service and customer interactions

Works great!

Used it in open water. I’m 5’10” 185. Works as a flotation device too. Holds me up with no problem

So far good

So far I am enjoying my swim buoy. After using a handful of times Love the color and it is extremely noticeable on the water. I have had boaters, paddle borders comment how well they could see me in the water. When doing open water swim training with others found it easy to find me(green). although there is a pocket put your key, cell phone as they advertise... do not trust this to be waterproof. Make sure you put your cell phone and keys in something waterproof due to the fact that the pocket itself water leaks into it. Other than that it’s been a really great buoy.


I’ve been open water swimming for years w/o a cap or a buoy, thinking: it’s like running... I am free of equipment... yeah! How stupid of me! I was invisible too and not safe!
I Don’t even feel the buoy, and I was wearing a cap in the pool anyway! As usual, everything is mental!
Great products and wonderful customer service!


Just what we needed to do some open water swimming this summer. Boaters have told us we are very visible , which was one goal. Also, it is a good back up in the event someone gets a cramp or for some reason needs a break from swimming. It comfortably holds one person up, giving you the opportunity to rest.
It floats so effortlessly you don't even know it is around your waist, excellent product, thanks !

Love love this product

I would definitely recommend this.


I’m totally enjoying my buoy. I’m new to the open water swim, and it’s good to have it during my practices and events.

You don’t know it’s there, but everyone else does.

First, I want to compliment New Wave on great customer service. Thank you Andrei L!

Second, what a great product. I took it on a cross lake swim this morning. The neighbors, who never noticed me swimming before, all commented on the visibility of the buoy.

I am an older swimmer with multiple medical problems. Having a low drag floatation aid with me gives me confidence to keep swimming.

Nice product.

Love my Launch Pad

I totally love this product! I now take it every time I go to the pool for swim sessions to keep everything off the wet floor and to sit on while I get ready. It’s a decent size and I love the design of it. The drying process is easy and quick too. Just lay it out and forget about it until your next swim. I highly recommend this product and I can’t wait to see how well it works during future triathlons.

Solid Product!

First off love the pink and I REALLY like the open water swim buoy. It provides just that extra level of added security and piece of mind. Would highly recommend.

Great Product!

I absolutely love swimming with the buoy! It provides an extra level of safety and visibility. Plus you can't even feel it behind you.

Delivery like a goodiebag

Ordered two phone cases which work very well for me. In addition a got a free swim cap, a floating key chain and some other stuff. Surprising and unexpected.

Great outdoor goggle

These are nicely tinted and great for my outdoor practices.

Bright orange provides visibility

These products are a great idea! I swim in Long Island Sound and I like the bright orange float and swim cap so that boaters can more easily spot me. The swim cap is easy to put on and comfortable.

Great swimming cap!

This is very easy to put on and get off. It is very comfortable. Unlike the ones made of latex, this swimming cap doesn’t pull my hair. Unlike the ones made of lycra, it doesn’t leave a mark under my hairline. I also really like that it is very visible, both in pool and open water. I highly recommend it for all swimmers!

The swim buoy is great and now we’re more visible in the resevoir we swim in.

New Wave Swim Buoy Is Awesome.

The Swim Buoy let me keep track of my fellow swimmers and allow us to push harder without fear of losing sight of each other. Our swim party have swimmers that swim at different speeds. In the past the fast swimmer would need to slow down to keep together but with the Swim Buoy that swimmer can swim at their own pace without losing sight of their fellow swimmers.