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Tri Taren Swim Buoy Review - Is Swim Confidence Good For You?

Don't forget to to watch Triathlon Taren's Video Review of New Wave Swim Buoy


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These goggles were fantastic for my indoor swim! I am excited to try them outside once it is OWS weather! No leaking, no fogging, adjusting the straps was easy!

New Wave Swim Buoy - Great Product

Haven't been able to use New Wave Swim Buoy yet, winter here in Wisconsin. Saw other people use them where I swim in the summer. Bought it for safety reasons: to be more visible to boaters & other swimmers & to have something to help keep afloat in the event of a muscle cramp or need of a rest.

My third buoy!

This is the third New Wave Swim Buoy I’ve purchased, in order to replace the well-worn buoys I’ve used in the past. Don’t know how long they are supposed to last but mine have been good for slightly more than two years. I recommend them highly for safety purposes but would double-bag any electronic devices (key fobs included) in order to avoid mishaps...


My new swim buoy (Prange 20L TPU) is excellent for my swimming routines. Very strong and super brilliant

Want a case that is actually waterproof?

Look no further than the New Wave waterproof phone case. Purchased as a Christmas gift for my wife, it arrived as specified and when indicated. My wife has successfully use the phone case and is delighted.


The product is awesome. Excellent material and very brightly. I'm a peruvian swimmer.
I bought a 10units package (silver) and I received the products on time and with many gifts.

Great product! Wish I had known I could buy something like this as a swimmer.

Great Mat!

This mat was great to use as a practice transition. I have yet to use it in a race with 202 season being basically canceled. But the mat has a bit of cushion but still enough grip for transitioning from the swim to the bike. I really like it!

Great, great oh and great!!

Awesome gear & marketing!!

Great changing mat!

Received my mat a few weeks ago and took it for a test run. Fantastic for the post-workout wetsuit cha-cha: no more muddy feet or wetsuit!!! Rinses off easily and dries quickly for the next swim. Big thumbs up!


Thank you for making such amazing swim gear. You have never let me down!! 🏊🏼‍♂️

So warm after a wild swim!

This towel is so fluffy and warm it is wonderful for drying after an outdoor swim. It's also a good, large size and a fun bright colour.

Fleece towel by New Wave

I love my fleece towel by New Wave. I use it to warm up after cold water swimming . It is bright and cozy! I was very happy with the quick delivery after I ordered

Bright, Warm and Comfortable!

An excellent cap for open water swimming - bright, comfortable to wear and a good size so it doesn't feel as tight as some other brands.

The best Swim accessory

My bf always gets scared when I go out for long swims on the open water, the newwaveswimbuoy was the best sollution for such an issue. It makes your swim safer and its visible from a distance. The rest of the products are pretty awsome too, high quality goggles, super soft towel and more... Thank you!

Orange new wave swim cap

I love the swim cap. It keeps me visible to boats in the open water. I also retain my body heat with it on. It is very easy to stretch over my long hair. I am very satisfied with this product!

The best products

all products are very high quality, highly recommended, I love them

Goggles- fusion 2.0

Because my goggles always have water inside. But these goggles don't get cloudy and don't get water.

Wow... Thick towel

The new polar fleece towel is thick and soft. It was not exactly what I anticipated as it was better. The quality is nice. We take it down to the pool when doing our laps. It is a great addition to our pool collection.

Comfortable swim cap

I love New Wave swim caps. I used to wear other major brands, but they were always very tight and uncomfortable. These have stretch and are easy to put on and take off without pulling my hair out or giving me a headache. They also come in such great colors (I have 3!), which are perfect for open water swimming, so motorized watercraft can see you in the water (I also use the New Wave swim buoys to help with this). I am a loyal user after giving this brand a try.