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Tri Taren Swim Buoy Review - Is Swim Confidence Good For You?

Don't forget to to watch Triathlon Taren's Video Review of New Wave Swim Buoy


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5 Stars

The pool I swim at has over 5 types of buoys. Some slip, some are not balanced on both side which makes it hard to keep in your legs or even have balanced hips, others tear up easy. I finally decided to try this brand and get my own! Well worth the money! This buoy is well made, heavy duty material but still light weight, and I love that it’s the same shape on both side! Worth the money!


Three friends used three different colors (pink, yellow, lime) of the swim buoys and swam everyday at a cove in Mexico for a week. We were able to spot each other, boats were able to see us as well as people on the beach!

Open water swimmers - don’t leave shore without this gear

The 20L swim buoy is just big enough for shoes, a water bottle, and keys. It toes easily behind my feet with minimal resistance. The waistband adjusts from tiny to in excess of a 54” waist.

I swim spring fed rivers in Florida year round, typically doing a 6 mile route that takes 90 minutes, downstream. The swim buoy is handy for carrying my shoes, water, and keys. I did add a SUP leash to the tether strap to permit diving. When swimming through obstacles, it is advisable to tuck in the excess length to avoid snagging.

On at least two occasions, companions have cramped up from the cold temperatures. Having a flotation device that can be quickly attached to their waist has allowed them to recover while ensuring that a rescue could be performed easily if the situation had gone south.

This buoy provides visibility, an opportunity for self rescue, an aid for struggling swimmers in need of rescue, and recovery (yeah…gators). I will never again swim open water alone without having this in tow.

So far, so good

It was easy to order, the delivery was seamless and the product looks great. Too cold for swimming, but looking forward to using it.

Swim cap

Absolutely love this swim cap. Super comfortable and so visible in open water!

Best Buoy on earth, keep up the good work guys!

Big fan of New Wave Swim Buoy, my last one is going strong since 5 years, and I just got another one for my partner. Also loved the goggles and merchandise! Seems like I'll swim 100x in 2022 :)

Amazing product AND company!

I started open water swimming a few years ago and some people I go with recommended New Wave swim buoys for visibility, convenience, and safety. Since then, I have used them a few times a week on a regular basis.

When I had an issue with my original buoy, Andrei and his team did not hesitate to make things right with me and not only provided credit for a new product and more, but also tossed in a few extra goodies.

In these days of companies looking at only their bottom line, New Wave stands out for their exceptional customer service and valuing customers as people, not just numbers. I am a customer for life now!

New Wave Waterproof Case

I Love your product for my car keys when I swim.

Essential for all open water swimmers

As early morning Lake Michigan swimmer (with a pod of great like-spirited people who swim for joy, not competitively), I have discovered Swim Buoy to be an essential tool. Once, when the waves were high and we first could not find a member of our pod, we were able to spot the buoy in the early morning sun and was able to reunite without any drama. Also protects you from any careless motor boaters that may veer too close to shore (and you). Highly recommended!

Awesome goggles!

Great goggles, doesn't leak and fits well! Really good for open water swimming for triathletes as well.


Large size buoyant and does not slip

Love the Buoy for being visible in the water

This is a great buoy for siting in water - orange or green are good. The buoy that has a separate compartment for holding items is good. I gave it a 4 star because I do find that sometimes it gets wet inside. Maybe I didn't roll it properly. So, a second waterproof packet inside is helpful, especially for important items such as a cell phone. I liked the small waterproof lock bag until a lock mechanism broke off - don't know how, and now is not usable. Will check to see if I can get that part.
Warning: I learned this buoy is only for making you obvious in the water, not to use for resting as it could deflate from body weight. I am trying to learn to relax in other ways, such as treading water and floating on my back.

waterproof phone case

Since having this pouch I feel more relaxed while close to water like being on the beach or sitting in boat, it protects my phone against water drops and sand. It makes excellent pictures when in the case as long the new wave text is at the front and not before the camera ;)) it was one of the few xl phone case I could find on the market, thanks for that team new wave

wave of joy

I've been loving my New Wave swim float. The ordering process and delivery was easy and fast. The added gift of a cell phone pouch was also very much appreciated, as I've been wanting to get one. Thanks for helping to keep me and my phone safe and visible!

I feel much safer swimming in the lake with the swim buoy. I'm visible and if I should need a flotation device, this buoy will help. It gives me the freedom to swim when and as far as I'd like.


Very Happy with the bouy. I bought it for visibility but love the dry bag and the security it provides as a float.

Best buoy ever!!

Long time open water swimmer, love this buoy. This buoy is my fourth, I’ve worn out the others, and new wave always sends me a credit to replace. Also love the caps, super stretchy, strong and bright. I’m a loyal customer 🏊🏼‍♀️

Life saver

This buoy is great for open water swims or as extra floatation when teaching kids how to swim in deep water. Such as treading water. I'm sure this has saved many lives. I would not swim open water without it. Customer service is great!

Swim Buoys at Camp?!!

New Waves makes swim buoys for triathletes that swim in open water. I’ve used them for years for just that. But when I needed to monitor high school students doing Sting Ray and Sea Turtle Research while snorkeling in Santa Elena Bay in Costa Rica - I knew exactly how to keep track of students swimming! Multiple colors allow us to count in a flash and know who is accounted for. Plus, students love hanging out to rest/chat while holding their buoy under their arm - helpful when the wind kicks up!

Great so far.

Used 5-6 times and working as advertised.

Swim buoy

I like this product, I just bought my second one to have for friends when we swim in open water.

Great option to stay safe

Open water swimming with the Swim Buoy is a wonderful way to keep your family from worrying about you! It doesn't get in the way, and is there if you need it. The bright colors insure visibility to boats, life guards, loved ones waiting on the beach.... You get the idea. It's a great product.

Exceeds Expectations

Highly visible, dry bag easy to use even when buoy is inflated, much tougher material than my previous (PVC). New Wave stands behind their products. Excellent company excellent buoy!!

Easy to put on

Love my new wave swim buoy swimming hat. It’s so easy to put on, the colour is bright and easy to see in the water.