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Best Swim Buoy Reviews - Which Swim Buoy is Best For You?

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Based on 279 reviews
Very impressed

I swim with my dog in a lovely lake. I’m especially glad to have it because sometimes no one else is there, should we have a problem. (Although we never have.)

Must have for snorkeling!

Great buoy! I mean a personal buoy just made snorkeling life easier! SOOO compact and lightweight, can bring everywhere! Ordering was easy and lightning speed shipping! Would definitely recommend! Thanks!

Great Swim Aid

This is very easy to use. Boaters now tell me they can see me easily in the water. There is no drag whatsoever and it is easy to hook up. I used it with the dry pack for my phone and it kept my phone completely dry. It also keeps you afloat if you want to rest while swimming. I highly recommend this when swim in open water.

Fleece towel

Love it!! Will great using whilst swimming through the winter outdoors!

Great Product

Excellent quality product that is very visible and helps with flotation when required. Was also used to keep my keys and phone dry and safe, rather than left unsupervised on the beach.

much more than transition

While this will be the best $25 you ever spent on your tri transitions, you'll keep finding other uses for it. I love it for after open water swims -- nice to have something sand-free to stand on after you wipe off your feet. And it's total luxury once the sand gets either hot or cold. And it's thin enough to protect your car seat if you have to drive home in your wet swim clothes.

Super fast delivery and super light swim bubble. Perfekt!

The swim bubble is super light.
What we like best is the valve that allows you to regulate the air in the compartment also when you are in the water!
We love it!

Great Tool For Open swim

Training for a triathalon and swimming is my weak area. The swim buoy was the exact tool I needed to safely train for open swim. It’s a psychological tool as well, because it’s there if you need it and does not interfere with the mechanics of your swim. I love it!

Orange is my favorite color

I love New Wave Swim Bubble. So light and easy to swim - doesn't feel like anything is drifting behind me at all. Thanks team

Fusion swim goggles Nightfall

Used these (smoked) goggles for the first time on my swim through Durdle Door on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, UK. Very very comfortable, allowed for plenty of vision as they didn't fog up, which was essential as I wanted to be able to stop under the Door and look up at its massive stone arch, leaked just a tiny bit, but I think I can adjust the goggles further to prevent that. Easy to swop the nose piece for the broader size. The straps didn't snag in my wet hair which was a relief! Really happy with these goggles, thank you!

Perfect! Don't feel it at all but very visible to others.

Softest Towel!

This is by far the softest towel I've ever felt, I love it!


Arrived sooner then I expected. Super visible. Had a friend use it and I could spot her easily in 4 foot rollers. Pleasantly surprised by some extra goodies in my shipment sent to me. One being the awesome super bright swim cap. Easy to inflate and deflate. Love the larger size for larger carrying capacity. Looking forward to using it in a swim run in the future.

Super! 'Wear Fluorescent green to be seen'
It works.

Makes me feel safe out there on the lake. Dry bag is a god send. Zero drag.

Great product!

Very comfortable to swim with & brings extra confidence to the open water.


I love my swim buoy! I have used it about 5 times already, in calm and choppy waters. Yesterday I stored a few things in the compartment - my wallet, cell phone, and keys. I forgot the cell phone protector, but thankfully everything stayed dry. Had the water been choppy some water might have slipped in. I won't do it again, but it was a testament to the quality of the product. I love being more visible in the water and the feeling of safety should I ever get a cramp, pull an arm or shoulder muscle, or just need to rest. Although not exactly like a kick board, it could work as such in a pinch.


Perfect fit!
Very lightweight, comfortable and look great!
I have the black mirrored lenses and I love them.
Very happy with my purchase, would not hesitate to purchase again.

Good product

We bought two medium buoys and have found them to be great in open water swims for floatation, to warn boats away from us and storing fuel supplies.

Feels great, looks great, easy to spot

No more indoor/outdoor mats. This tri mat feels great and because of the color helps identify your bike faster than the standard towel or black mat.

Safety and security

While this device isn't a PFD, it makes me feel better when I'm in the open water.
Customer service it the best too

Should have bought this years ago!

I used my new buoy for the first time, and I felt so much "smarter" in the open water. I'm being safe for myself and others in the water. Now my landlocked hubby doesn't have to worry so much!


So great for long or thick hair!! Fits and feels great!

Love it

This got me through the hot run of my first half ironman! Didn't move, kept sweat out of my eyes and felt great!!

New wave swim buoy

It works perfectly. Love it