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Tri Taren Swim Buoy Review - Is Swim Confidence Good For You?

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The swim buoy is great and fulfills all of my needs. I even was sent a special treat in the package to keep my phone dry, which was my other concern in the buoy. If the buoy kept the materials in the dry space from getting wet, I would have given it a 5 star rating. It is fantastic and the staff was super in helping me on the phone.



Love it.

Awesome buoy. I went to the river with it and I had few people in kayaks asking me about it. Feels great to have it with me in a very busy day with so many people in kayaks that day. I love the compartment for the phone and other gears, feels great to have my phone with me and not to worry about getting it wet or lost.
Will recommend it for sure.

Awesome products.

Outstanding goggles. They fit me perfect. They are very comfortable as well.
Recommend this goggles 100%.

Peace of Mind

I ordered two New Wave swim bubbles (and matching swim caps) so that my husband and I could practice open water swimming and be visible to boaters. The bubble does not provide any drag and we both agreed that we felt much safer knowing that boaters would see us. Now, when I swim without it I truly miss the security!

Feel Safe at Last!

I swim in a large reservoir close to the shore but still have close encounters with boats. I am now very visible and have had little problems since using the Bubble. I could not be happier with my purchase and would recthis product to anyone open water swimming.

Loved it!

Used it for the first time in the Gulf of Mexico and loved it. Perfect size to turn over and float if needed and the link added extra visibility in the open water.

Great goggles!

Really good fit and come with a good amount of bridges to adjust the fit where needed. Don’t leak at all.

Really useful!

Perfect size, doesn’t get in the way when you’re swimming but can hold everything you need. Keeps you visible and safe. Also good for when swimming with less confident swimmers as they can take a break and hold on to the buoy.

never got it

I have ordered two swim bubbles and after three weeks it is still nowhere. I hope to get refund in the future.

The Perfect Pink Towel

I love this towel! Not only is it beautiful, if you love pink like me, but it's soft, durable, and all around perfect.
New Wave Swim Buoy products are the best!


So comfortable and stays the right tightness. Even super stylish! On top of that they are reflective too!

Five Stars😁

I love this bag! I always keep all of my swimming gear in here so I never have to worry about forgetting it!

awesome product!

I absolutely LOVE the Lauchpad transition mat! perfect size. Lightweight!

Softest towel ever made!

Love my towel. It’s the softest towel I have ever used. Make sure to wash it before you first use it just to get all the initial fluff off. Keeps its softness even after multiple washes!!!

Thanks for the review Payton

This mat is the perfect size and thickness. Functions perfectly for transitions and even taking my wetsuit on and off during training.

Amazing fit

These not only look great, they fit amazing. No water leaking here! Racing in them in 2 weeks.

Transition Mat

This is going to work so much better than the towel I have been using the last few years. Thanks Swim Buoy

A must for open water swimming!

Provides great visibility, storage for whatever you need to bring with you and you don't know its there during the swim. Highly recommend.

Awesome produce

Excellent product, feel safe and visible


Great product, great customer service. Highly recommend!


Hi-viz, durable, and easy to use!

Amazing products and delivery times!

I got so much more than I bargained for!!! Replay happy with everything I Ordered. Wish I had ordered the googles. I hear they are amazing. Thanks again!

Awesome goggles!!!

I can not be more happy with my goggles. Used them in my first OWS in Siesta Key and they were amazing! Definitely suggest getting a pair. The blue pair I got were equally amazing in the pool 🤙🏼