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New Wave Swim Buoy Review by Triathlon Taren - Boost your Open Water Swim Confidence

Andrei Lozovik

New Wave Swim Buoy got very fortunate to be reviewed by a YouTuber Triathlon Taren of Winnipeg, Canada.

Published on Youtube on Jul 27, 2018

New Wave Swim Buoy is for triathletes who want to be more confident while open water swimming. The New Wave Swim Buoy is one of the best products for triathletes who aren't great open water swimmers to make them feel safer in open water and have their spouses feel more confident. 

Video transcript for them search engines:

Morning, Trainiacs. We got a little care package yesterday that I'm going to go try here today. Until now, I have been quite the curmudgeon about this product, actually. So, these ended up showing up and I put out on Instagram that I was doing some research on 'em and you all went mad. Let's talk about it today. Okay, so historically, I have not been terribly interested in these swim buoys, because I'm like, "Mm, I'm a fairly confident swimmer." So, we're going to try the biggest one they've got loaded up with a bunch of stuff, share my first thoughts. Wearing light shoes,walking down the shore, diving head first.

Triathlon Tareen Confirms - Nothing Gimmicky About Water Safety

Well Trainiacs, I am pleasantly surprised with this thing. I thought it was kind of gimmicky this whole time, but no, it's real, and especially considering that when I put out on Instagram a call that when I said, "Hey, doing some research on these swim buoys, can you comment on your experiences?" And I've probably got 100 messages from people saying, "Love it, could not be happier with it, because you can store stuff in it, you're more confident." And for the vast majority of triathletes out there who aren't confident in open water, having that confidence of something that you can grab onto when you freak out, when you get tired, that is going to make you a better triathlete overall.

Triathlon Taren Takes New Wave Swim Buoy for a Spin

So, let's dive into this just a little bit. So these cost either $30 or 35 dollars, and how they work is, these ones, you blow 'em up, and then there's that little nozzle that you spin to seal and if you've got anything that you want to store in there, you'd put that in beforehand so that it gets right deep in the bottom and that is in a little pouch like this if you want it super-duper waterproof, but there is a 20 liter version for people that are over 190 pounds. And a 15-liter version for people that are under 190 pounds and comes in orange, green, and pink so you can customize to whatever nail polish color you like. Apparently, this green one has been studied and proven to be the most visible from boaters that are coming at ya. 

Triathlon Taren Confirms That Fluo Green is Most Visible Color on Water

Beyond that, there is also a 15-liter triathlete specific version that doesn't have this roll top, so you can't end up storing anything in it, but I kind of liked storing things in it. Apparently, that one has a little bit less drag so you don't even notice it whatsoever.

All that said, I loaded up the larger buoy, the 20-liter buoy, with a phone and a set of keys, and I wanted to see even with the largest buoy possible and some stuff in it, if I noticed anything. And what I did was, I swam into the current and then across the current and then with the current and then across the current again. And no matter which way I went it really didn't matter. 

Triathlon Taren Finds his favorite Open Water Swim Buoy to be New Wave

Basically just, I don't know, maybe one out of every 20 strokes, I just felt a little tap on my bum. It's not like it was getting in the way of me kicking, because the strap is really only that long, so it's basically that far away from your hip.

Triathlon Taren Demonstrates - Leash is only 12 inches away from your waste

Beyond that, it also deflates and then stores really nicely inside like, an open water swim gear bag like I've got. So, I took the phone thing, I took the strap, shoved that all in to the bottom, rolled it all up, give it a snap, and something this size just fits easily in a gear bag. 

Triathlon Taren Reminds - Protect your electronics when playing around water

Now, let's talk about some of the cool ideas and comments that you all sent to me on Instagram, I like these a lot. Number one, makes for a good pillow. If you're in the habit of just lounging and enjoying open water swimming, which when you get comfortable with it, you cannot be closer to nature. It's right there and it's so calming on a nice quiet day and if you just want to kick back and relax, like seriously, that would be a really nice experience.

New Wave Swim Buoy makes for a great pillow if you want to meditate in the middle of the water

Apparently, in Belgium, you are an idiot if you don't swim with one of these. So, forget the hang up that I had for a couple years, like, "Oh, people are going to think that I'm not very confident." In Europe, I got a lot of comments from people that do open water swimming and group swimming that say the entire group swims with it. And the trainer, the leader of the group shows up with a whole bunch of these to make sure that everyone uses them. And then people that swim in that group say that maybe you get tapped a little bit when you're swimming in a group with one of these, but it's not like it drags you down or gets tangled up in everyone else's stuff.

 Making Spouses Feel Safer while I train is a great benefit of New Wave Swim Buoy

The big thing is that it makes spouses feel safer. I know MTK always worries when I go open water swimming, that I'm going to get hit by a boat. Well, when I came up on the dock, I asked somebody who was there, I said like, "How visible was I out there?" And they're like, "Quite." So, like, "Even when I was as far away as that dock over there, which was a kilometer away?" And she's like, "Yeah, I saw you the entire time."

Water Visibility is a Bright Idea

But to crank up that safety level, a couple of people had said that they might even put a flashing bike light in here. So, if it's really dark or foggy early in the morning, this thing will emit that pulse of light. Or they would put a GPS tracker or even their phone in find my phone mode so that their spouse could look and see like, alright, still moving, hopefully everything's good. 

Triathlon Taren Confirms - Swim Buoys are Not Nerdy - they are simply smart

So Trainiacs, today I eat my words and I say that swim buoys are not as nerdy as I expected. I'm going to use them regularly. And thanks to New Wave Swim Buoy for sending these out. I can't really comment on any of the other swim buoys that are out there. This isn't a paid video at all. They just contacted me and they said, "Hey, we want to send out a whole bunch of things and see if you like 'em." And I do, so there you go Trainiacs. If you aren't already subscribed, hit the subscribe button below, and if you are subscribed, tell your mother that I think you're special.

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