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Pull Buoy By New Wave Swim Buoy

Pull Buoy by New Wave Swim Buoy

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Pull buoys are lightweight training tools commonly used by advanced swimmers to concentrate on their arm movement, strengthen their core, and gain power on every stroke. The New Wave Swim Pull Buoy is designed for the swimmer to hold between the thighs while swimming. Exercising with a Pull Buoy provides the lower body buoyancy, it neutralizes leg movement while isolating the upper body forcing the arms to pull your weight through the water. The New Wave Pull Buoy is created from EVA foam that is extensively tested and ergonomically designed to be chafe-free and not cause any skin irritation. Our Pull Buoy is sized for unisex adults and unisex young athletes so everyone can evolve their craft.

  • Develop Perfect Swimming Technique: The New Wave Swim Pull Buoy lifts the legs and hips with buoyant force to promote the optimal swimming position for unilateral focus on stroke technique. Our Pull Buoy aligns the body in a symmetrical orientation that helps improve power, balance, and stamina while keeping your body naturally in line.
  • Maximize Strength Training, Prevent Injuries: Training with a Pull Buoy during a swim, the legs are immobilized, causing the back, hips, shoulders, and arms to compensate. This position builds strength and flexibility naturally and progressively over time while keeping the correct form to prevent injuries. The position athletes maintain while swimming with a Pull Buoy helps drastically increase shoulder rotational flexibility and improve overall joint strength.
  • Build Core Power & Stamina: Swimming with The New Wave Pull Buoy is a great workout to increase core strength and stability. The most overlooked aspect in swimming and all general training is the abdomen. All body control and balance are honed and developed in our abdominal muscles. The core is our center of gravity and is critical for balance and stability. Improving this area of strength leads to beneficial gains throughout the body and in all fields.
  • Superior Design & Unparalleled Materials: Made with high-density, chlorine resistant, quality tested EVA Foam for professional-level performance. The New Wave Swim Pull Buoy has an anti-friction design created after multiple trials to find the most ergonomic construction to push your training to the next level. Our Pull Buoy's revolutionary "BunnyTech" EVA foam has passed rigorous testing to ensure there will be no issues with chaffing or irritation no matter how hard and often you train.
  • Size: Perfect for all adult and young adult athletes, unisex. The New Wave Swim Pull Buoy is standard size and is one-size-fits-most. The dimensions of the Pull Buoy are as follows:
    Thickest: 9.5" x 6.5" x 3.5" Inches
    Thinnest: 9.5" x 6.5" x 2.0" Inches
    Weight: 6.0 ounces


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jeffrey Barile
Pull Buoy

The New Wave Swim Pull Buoy has been an excellent addition to my swim gear bag.

Katie Smith
5 Stars

The pool I swim at has over 5 types of buoys. Some slip, some are not balanced on both side which makes it hard to keep in your legs or even have balanced hips, others tear up easy. I finally decided to try this brand and get my own! Well worth the money! This buoy is well made, heavy duty material but still light weight, and I love that it’s the same shape on both side! Worth the money!

Alton Motobu

Large size buoyant and does not slip

Grace Alexander
Pull Buoy

Great quality, I can tell this one will last me awhile and the sections won't split apart like my other brand!

benoit chevalier
great product

really perfect for my pool training , the best I ever had

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