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Swim Cap Fluorescent Green - New Wave Silicone Swim Cap

> $ 14.95

  • Now, your head can “Be Bright & Be Seen” even further with the New Wave Swim Cap. Available in easy-to-see fluorescent colors, these silicone swim caps will elevate your color coordination game. Mix and match your favorite bright colors of the New Wave Swim Buoys and Bubbles to your goggles, swimsuit and your swim cap.
  • These swim caps, or as some in the U.K. call them “swimming hats” or "bathing caps" are a quick way for you to take your competitive aspirations to the next level. Whether you are training indoors or outdoors in open water, this cap is designed to comfortably contour to your head, significantly reducing drag. Also, swim goggles fit much better without hair getting in the way.
  • Silicone swim caps are more durable, softer, and more comfortable than latex. Silicone creates a smoother, wrinkle-free outer surface to reduce drag. The silicone material is more breathable than latex, which will allow your head to breath and prevent overheating during your workout, and the silicone cap will dry faster than latex.
  • If you have long hair, unlike latex caps that pull or stick to your hair, thick silicone doesn't pull your hair or stick to it. Got that?! It’s not sticky! It is tight without being uncomfortable, unlike your jeans after a Thanksgiving dinner. Are you tired of your boring, old, non-humorous swimming cone? Then why not try the “silly cone?!” *Crickets chirp* -__-
  • Even if you have short hair, the New Wave Swim Cap will keep your dome protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. You can never be too careful; climate change is a very real global issue, people! *wink-wink* It is very important to NOT poke your nails or fingers through the cap. Always rinse it in cold fresh water to keep pool chemicals from weakening the silicone. Store inside-out to keep your cap from sticking together.

How to put on a swim cap? Emma Bilham shows in 44 seconds or less: 


Here is what our customers say about their experience with the New Wave Swim Caps:

  • Easy to get on and off. Love the bright colors for open water swimming - gives me confidence because I am easy to spot. 
  • When swimming in cold water, it keeps me warmer, reduces the amount of water getting in my ears, and offers a bit of protection for my hair. 
  • These are THE BEST swim caps. They stay put and are comfortable to wear. 
  • I love these caps! Super bright and visible for open water swimming. 
  • I LOVE so much this cap! It is easy to put on, it stays always in place and it is very comfy. I swim at least three days a week and it still looks like new! I highly recommend it! The hard thing is to chose the color, they are all so pretty and bright!!

PREMIUM SILICONE - greater durability than latex, extremely comfortable!

NON-SLIP - Won't interrupt training sessions by slipping off or out of place during training.

BEST SWIMMING CAP - for long hair. Designed for easy on and off without snagging or pulling hair

SWIMMING CAPS FOR WOMEN with long hair can be a challenge. Not with these! The elastomeric technology, built for comfort with super soft silicone that stretches with ease to fit your long hair.

Silicone Weight (thickness) - Heavy - 60±2 grams
Size - Large - 24*20cm (9.5 inches wide x 8 inches high)

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Aria Griffiths
Love my swim cap!

I have super long hair and the best part about these caps is that I can easily fit all my hair in! They're comfortable and keep my hair nice and dry. I love the bright colours which double up a nice safety feature when open water swimming 💕

charles Burrell
Happy swimmer

Very pleased seems to be a good company would recommend 👌 👍

Ruth Nicholls
The best Swim Caps

Love these swim hats.
Great colours!
Nice size to get long hair into.
Warm & cozy (sea temp 9 to 10°c here.
Long lasting!
Highly recommend 👌

Jia H. Jung
This Cap Is The One for "Large" Heads

Hi everyone,

I'm going to leave a pretty detailed and even almost review of praise for this cap just because it is THE ONE. Whether you have a large head circumference or long hair or both, this is the one. The colors are also electric - they look great, and more important, are very visible out there in the elements if you're an open water swimmer.

I have NEVER had a cap so thick and good quality but also stretchy that goes on so easily, stays on, and grips without ripping out bunches of hair upon contact.

I am one of the many unaddressed swimmers out there with what industry apparently considers (or doesn't consider at all) is a honkin' huge head.

As I've gotten deeper and deeper into open water marathon swimming over the past decade plus, I've pored over endless forums of people trying to suggest caps for long hair versus big head. To be honest, these forums led nowhere.

Right now, I have a situation of both having a pumpkin head and long, thick, PERMED hair. Back when my hair was shorter, I could put standard latex and silicone caps on after wetting my hair but they always started creeping up and threatening to fall off, or even getting water pooled at the top.

Other times, I've torn caps that friends have given to me after hand picking the largest ones from their collections. In those moments (and I don't know if it's just me but have a feeling it's not), I would feel so frustrated and even ashamed about what I started to feel was a freakish, gigantic head based on the fact that I had so much trouble with caps.

I've been glad to see that there have been more conversations about and product design responses to a parallel issue of Black hair or people with very big hair. But the caps resulting from these discussions are taller than they are larger in circumference.

For all this, by the way, it's not like my head is twice the size of any other human head. What always frosted me was how it comes down to probably a few millimeters more of give, of coverage, to avoid anxiety every single time I have to stuff my head and hair into a cap, to stop having to adjust my cap during swims, to stop getting the headaches that come from caps that are just a bit too tight.

I was noting how swimsuit design technology is so robust now but the field of cap design remains stuck in the stone ages - unsustainable, uncomfortable, and One Size Fits All (Except Those People Whose Heads Are Bigger Than Whatever Size Industry Arbitrarily Determined).

I'm not sure how I found this cap but it took me years and hours of active searching and disappointment to finally find it. This is the cap I will always use going forward, and it's the one that I will attempt to swim around Manhattan with this August.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, New Wave Swim Buoy, for making a cap that I can trust and that hits all the points: universal fit, safety, comfort, quality, and even style.

Bright, Warm and Comfortable!

An excellent cap for open water swimming - bright, comfortable to wear and a good size so it doesn't feel as tight as some other brands.

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