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Swag - Waterproof Phone Pouch From New Wave

New Wave Waterproof Phone Case - Universal Dry Pouch

> $ 10.00
  • This universal waterproof phone case, dry bag, storage pouch, coin purse, Rupee wallet from New Wave Swim Buoy is going to knock your socks off, and then keep them dry while you explore the water.  
  • This waterproof bag by New Wave has a double-closure lock system, which seals the pouch tightly to keep your items dry and clean. This heavy-duty outdoor phone protector also comes with a neck strap so you can keep your personal items close and secure, AND you will look phenomenal.
  • Water proof cell phone pouch is touch screen responsive. Transparent PVC screen cover allows you to use your smartphone touch screen and buttons without opening the waterproof case. Check your emails, dating apps, text messages, and even answer calls. “Hi Mom!”
  • The New Wave waterproof phone bag has large storage space, so it will easily fit your iPhone, Android, or your small necessities inside such as cash, keys, credit card, travel sunblock, collectible stamps, mobile speaker, cruise ship accessories, waterproof camera to take a photo with your mom.
  • This waterproof phone pouch is crafted from high-density transparent PVC material, which not only ensures the waterproofing ability, but is also durable for your everyday use. Your phone’s camera becomes an underwater camera, and this cover will protect your phone while you’re in a kayak, fighting off a pelican while eating goldfish crackers.

New Wave 100% Waterproof Pouch is a dry bag for your phone to protect it from snow, sand, water, dirt and dust. This New Wave phone case is perfect for trips to the beach, swimming, boating, fishing, running and hiking. Use it to protect your phone on any adventure around water or near a toilet (you know who you are). Your phone will be fully operational inside this little electronics lifesaving jacket. You can even run your phone's GPS software to let your friends track your location, or log the progress of your swims.  You can take pictures, read your swim workout, catch up on Netflix, swipe right, or upload a video of you crossing the finish line of Ironman Kona World Championship.

Imagine you are on a cruise crossing the Atlantic Ocean, wearing this sleek and stylish phone protector around your neck, leaning over the railing to pretend you are flying, but then you fall overboard. What do you do? Do you attempt to tread water, while dodging the impending doom of the sharks heading toward you?  No. You pull out your New Wave Swim Buoy and inflate it quickly, then use it to keep yourself afloat. Because your phone was in the New Wave Waterproof Phone Case, it is still dry and operational. Just pray for a satellite connection, so you can call your friends to get the captain to turn that cruise ship around to come save you from the incoming sharks. Think about it, this simple yet amazing phone case could save your life in a number of ways.   

Case dimensions - 7.5 inches x 4.5 inches (large enough for your iPhone Plus or XL Android)


Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Therese Thompson
New Wave Waterproof Case

I Love your product for my car keys when I swim.

Michelle van der Laak
waterproof phone case

Since having this pouch I feel more relaxed while close to water like being on the beach or sitting in boat, it protects my phone against water drops and sand. It makes excellent pictures when in the case as long the new wave text is at the front and not before the camera ;)) it was one of the few xl phone case I could find on the market, thanks for that team new wave

Donna McCaslin
It works!!!

I purchased this dry pouch for my phone… Went paddle boarding and it actually hung over the side… My phone stayed perfectly dry! I love it!

Sean K
Great Product

Well made, durable, works as advertised. If you need a phone sleeve for water sports or any other reason, this is your product.

Excellent products, easy to use

I'm confident I can trust NewWave pouch and drybag/swim buoy to keep my car key and eyeglasses safe and dry while I swim. Like other reviewers, it reduces anxiety to keep these valuable items with me, and to have a buoy to rest on if need be during a long swim. The material & workmanship quality is excellent. Recommended by friends in Champlain Open Water Swimmers Meetup group!

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