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Swim Buoy - New Wave Swim Buoy (Large 20 Liter) Nylon TPU Orange

New Wave Swim Buoy - Large (20 Liter) w/ Drybag Nylon - TPU Orange

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New Wave Open Water Swim Buoy - Large (20 liter) - TPU Orange

New Wave Open Water Swim Buoy provides: 

    1. Visibility in Open Water. The brightly-colored New Wave Swim Buoy is exceptionally noticeable to boaters, jet skis, paddlers, surfers and some say, can be visible from space. Improve your visibility to avoid getting decapitated by a jet ski or a speed boat. Swimmers in black wetsuits are virtually invisible in the open water - New Wave Swim Buoy will display your prominently in the murky waters of the Loch Ness Lake - even the Loch Ness Monster will not confuse you for a tasty harbor seal or scrumptious sea cow or manatee.
    2. Safe Place to Float and Rest. Because of the natural buoyancy, the New Wave Swim buoy can be used as a flotation device. You have reassurance that in case you cramp up or simply need rest, you are able to grab the float.
    3. Very light to bring with you on a paddleboard or kayak trip. While the New Wave Swim Buoy does not replace personal floatation device (PFD) or a swim life vest, widely used by kayakers and standup paddle boarders (SUP's), the New Wave Swim Buoy is very lightweight (only 10 oz) to bring along for a refreshing swim workout in the open water. Add a bike blinker inside the float and your aqua-visibility quadruples or maybe even quintuples!
    4. Storage of Personal Items. The New Wave Swim Buoy is useful in point to point swims. Fastened to your waist by a belt with a tether line, the New Wave Swim Buoy has a storage compartment that is separate from the Inflatable Air Chamber. What do our athletes put in the buoy? Sunglasses, sunscreen, body glide, extra cap and goggles, running shoes, socks and clothes, diving mask, snorkel, camera, water shoes, iPod, book, snacks, water, gels, cash, credit cards, insurance card, car keys, cell phone, heart-rate monitor, asthma inhaler or allergy medicine, survival kit or a first-aid medical kit, and this list can go on. What would you take with you on a water-journey?
    5. Improved Monitoring of Athletes. If you want to keep an eye on your buddies or loved ones, or make sure that other swimmers are still in the race, spectators, officials, and lifeguards alike will appreciate the ability to see the swimmers from afar. If you put your cell phone in a Ziploc bag (just in case water was to get into the storage compartment), you can have your phone sharing your GPS location via MapMyRun or RunKeeper or Garmin Connect apps too to track exactly how far you swam AND to broadcast your location in the water for your friends to monitor the progress of your swim remotely.

    What is TPU Material? 

    Dimensions for Large (25" x 12")

    Capacity: 20L

    Suggested for swimmers over 190 pounds

    Frequently asked question:

    Question: What is the difference between Medium (15L) and Large (20L) buoy? 
    • Medium-15L (23" x 10") is suggested for swimmers up to 190 pounds. 
    • Large-20L (25" x 12") is suggested for swimmers over 190 pounds, or for those who want to carry more gear.
    Question: Will the DRY bag compartment keep my cell phone DRY
    Answer: NO, the dry bag is NOT WATERPROOF. Protect your CELL PHONE and electronic CAR KEYS by placing them into WATERPROOF CASE (not provided). You can also Saran-wrap your cell phone 4 times before placing it in the dry bag. 

    How to Use it Video

    What is TPU-Coated Nylon Fabric? This New Wave Swim Buoy is made of high-performance Nylon that is coated with TPU (Thermoplastic PolyUrethane). While the conventional swim buoys are made of PVC fabric, this TPU-coated Nylon (TPU-Nylon) has enhanced tear and abrasion strength and is unaffected by sunscreen oils and chemicals like chlorine. TPU-Nylon will not degrade with outdoor exposure to bacteria and UV solar radiation. TPU-Nylon is recyclable. 

    Specifications for New Wave Swim Buoy 15L Medium (24" x 10"). Suggested for swimmers under 190 pounds. Buoyant force of 9 KG or 20 LBS. 

    Specs for New Wave Swim Buoy 20L Large (26” x 12”). Suggested for Swimmers over 190 pounds. Buoyant force of 15 KG or 33 LBS.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Laurie Smith
    Great product

    The buoy is great and the service was fast and excellent. I received some great "freebies" along with the swim buoy which I enjoyed a great deal.

    Christian Alvarez

    My new swim buoy (Prange 20L TPU) is excellent for my swimming routines. Very strong and super brilliant

    Great Product + Great Customer Service

    Outstanding! My 20L Orange/Nylon TPU New Wave Swim Buoy arrived promptly with a tsunami of swag (I ordered direct from NWSB) and immediately set out for a maiden voyage at dusk in San Francisco’s Aquatic Park Cove: I couldn’t be more pleased – flip flops, t-shirt, shorts & a small towel plus keys tethered to a floating keychain (courtesy of NWSB!) all fit nicely (but snugly) in the dry bag. Until the pandemic subsides and my local swim clubs fully reopen (SERC, Gateway), NWSB is a great “locker room” that tows right behind my feet yet stays nicely out of the way (I only notice it briefly when switching between freestyle and backstroke – I find the trick is to keep the belt just a tad loose). After covid, it will continue to be a real asset for safety and visibility on the Bay. NWSB’s phone support was not only fully informative and responsive to my specific queries re size/color/material options, they were most accommodating: a cellphone bag, towel and fluorescent green swim cap were included in the package, too! I highly recommend this product and the company's customer service is excellent.

    High Quality

    Received as expected. Fast shipping. Thank you!

    Eiko Fujikawa
    must item for OWS

    The buoy helps me to stay safe in the water. Every open water swimmers should have this during practice swims.

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