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Swag - Blue Towel - New Wave Microfiber Velour Beach Blanket - 30" X 60"

Towel Blue - New Wave Polar Fleece Swim Towel-Blanket-Shawl

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  • Boost your visibility out of the water, on the beach or anywhere on land with the spacious New Wave Swim Towel. This lightweight and versatile blanket-shawl-towel is not only bright and beautiful with vibrant colors for your viewing pleasure, but it’s also extremely soft and fast-drying for your touching pleasure.
  • In three magnificent colors and designs, this phenomenally functional towel is great for men, women, or any unique gender identifying individuals. Uniquely recognizable New Wave Swim Towel design is printed edge to edge with full color photo sublimation process, providing stunning detail and vibrant colors, so you will be sure to turn heads at the beach, lake, pool, gym, baseball or football game, park, concert, yoga class, campsite, you name it!
  • Because of the towel’s unique antimicrobial properties and its generous dimensions, this towel-blanket-shawl can also be used as a seat cover for your car, truck, SUV, boat, hot-air balloon, golf cart, Formula One vehicle, etc. Imagine a life where your vehicle of choice does not smell like the inside of your gym bag.
  • The New Wave Swim Towel is weaved into a fantastically soft luscious flannel fleece fabric, which makes it fast drying, lightweight, durable, and sand and dirt resistant, while it also remains fresh and retains color vibrancy after many, many washes. The BunnyTech Polyester technology brings this massive 60” X 30” towel’s weight down to only 13oz so it rolls up snuggly to make it ideal for packing it into your transition bag on race day or for keeping it in your car after a bike ride.
  • This towel is not only great for triathletes and swimmers, but virtually anyone who wants to be comfy or cozy with a baby-soft towel. Basically, we took clouds from the sky and the smoothest baby lotion, and we placed these items into a futuristic 3D printer and cotton gin that’s been modified to work with polyester fiber fleece flannel blends, and this is how a New Wave Swim Towel was produced. Just imagine how marvelous it would feel against your skin.


This New Wave Swim Towel is ultra soft, absorbent and quick drying. Its generous size of 60x30 inches will allow you to use it as a beach towel, picnic blanket. It's made of polyester fleece flannel fabric - which means that sand and dirt will not stick to it, and the towel colors will remain looking fresh after many washes. The compact size when folded makes it ideal for travel. Great for summertime trips to the pool or the lake - it weighs only 13 oz. This towel is baby blanket soft and warm. What has it been used for? Wrapping a kitten or a toddler after a bath - or yourself when you want to cocoon after a swim or keep you cozy at work while watching Netflix.

Here is what our customers say about their experience with the New Wave Swim Towel:
• The shining colors make it easy to recognize.
• Love this towel. It's really soft and comfortable with bright colors, so I don't have trouble finding it.
• Love the texture and comfort of this towel.
• Great color, size, feel & absorbent!
• I love this towel! It's so soft and bright. It's my new favorite!
• For now, everything I have tried enchants me. The towel has a great touch and above all, it is soft. I'm very happy with it.


Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Like a cloud

So soft, sometimes we get cold after long swim and this’s just like the best blanket.

Tabatha Guedez

Loved all the products so much. The swimming cap is amazing. Doesn’t slip! Can’t wait to try the rest of the products and my swim buoy!

Christine Coppola
Great towel!

I love this towel it is bright and absorbent. I can always find my towel on the beach!

SANDRA Maria jimenez Jaramillo

I love my products, the towel is soft and so big 😊 and the cap match with my buoy and i love it 😍

Super Soft and Dries Quickly!

I love how soft the towel is and how quickly it dries. I was also pleasantly surprised how big the towel is! Thank you New Wave!

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