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New Wave Fusion Goggles (Molten Pearl = Revo Lens in White Frames) best open water swim buoy

New Wave Fusion Goggles (Molten Pearl = Revo Lens in White Frames)

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New Wave Swim Goggles - Fusion Racing Swimming Goggles offer:

  • Low-profile design with streamlined shape
  • Soft, durable silicone double head straps
  • Four nosepiece options to fit all swimmers

Wide peripheral lenses for better vision: New Wave’s Fusion Racing Swim Goggles offer a watertight fit with integrated curved lenses for a wide field of vision. Ultra-soft “BunnyTech” gasket technology provides maximum comfort and a leak-resistant seal. Four interchangeable nose bridges ensure a hydrodynamic fit while delivering the lowest profile goggle lenses available on the market.

Each pair of New Wave Swim Goggles was crafted with precision and love by robot lizards from the future. In their infinite wisdom, they took pity on us humans, and sent back these goggles. They said that the only hope for humanity was to be able to see clearly and look awesome while swimming. These were their words, not ours. Plus, they said they know Scuba Steve, so we trust them 100%.

100% UV PROTECTION & SHOCK RESISTANCE. To maximize protection of your eyes from seawater or pool chemicals, we only use high-grade, shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses, which offer UV sun protection as standard in all of our goggles.

New Wave Swim Goggles come in three finishes – clear, smoke, and mirrored coating. Clear goggles should be used indoors, or on a cloudy race morning. Clear goggles worn on a sunny day seem to intensify the sun. The most versatile smoke tinted finish can be used indoors, or for exploring the great outdoors, particularly if you cycle through areas with dense insect populations. The mirrored finish should only be used outdoors when it's sunny.

ANTI-FOG FOR CLEAR VISION. For exceptional clarity of vision, all of our goggles come standard with anti-fog coating to keep the lenses clear. The low-profile, athletic design of these goggles provides streamlined fit for minimal drag to ensure you will glide through the water like a lizard on wet ice. Our goggles are engineered for sighting in triathlon and open water. For optimal moisture control, keep your goggles close to body temperature before entering the water.

SUPER-DUPER COMFORTABLE. Narrow eyes? Big nose? Bug-eyes? Tiny peepers? Caveman Brow? The innovative robot lizards have thought of all human face shapes and sizes by including four interchangeable nose bridges that will ensure a perfect custom fit.

The Ultra-soft “BunnyTech” silicone dual straps will guarantee uniform pressure and keep your goggles securely on your [size goes here] head. Soft, anti-leak Thermo Plastic Rubber gaskets deliver a close comfortable fit. If you combine New Wave Swim Fusion Racing Goggles with your New Wave Swim Buoy and New Wave Swim Cap, you will surely look awesome, feel great, and swim faster. It is future robot lizard science.


New Wave Fusion Goggles - Revo Lens in White Frames (Molten Pearl) from New Wave Swim Buoy on Vimeo.


Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Very Happy!!

100 % comfortable!!! Me encanta el color brillante, ademas tienen una visibilidad muy clara, y se mantienen ajustados en todo tiempo y el
Material es de excelente calidad!!!

Fusion swim goggles Nightfall

Used these (smoked) goggles for the first time on my swim through Durdle Door on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, UK. Very very comfortable, allowed for plenty of vision as they didn't fog up, which was essential as I wanted to be able to stop under the Door and look up at its massive stone arch, leaked just a tiny bit, but I think I can adjust the goggles further to prevent that. Easy to swop the nose piece for the broader size. The straps didn't snag in my wet hair which was a relief! Really happy with these goggles, thank you!


Perfect fit!
Very lightweight, comfortable and look great!
I have the black mirrored lenses and I love them.
Very happy with my purchase, would not hesitate to purchase again.


Awesome product!

newwave goggle

awesome product . very confortable will buy again !!!!

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