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Swag - New Wave Mesh Backpack For Triathlon Gear, Swimming Equipment And Beach Toys

New Wave Mesh Backpack for Triathlon Gear, Swim Equipment & Beach Toys

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Why Purchase the New Wave Mesh Bag
  • New Wave Mesh Bag is the best way to carry all your swim training equipment. This mesh bag for swimmers is equipped with an extremely spacious interior, making it easy to fit practically anything. Additionally, this bag is made to last, with dual adjustable shoulder straps connected to reinforced corners at the base of the bag. With this large bag, you will not take multiple trips to the car to vacate your transition zone after the race. 
  • Imagine yourself in a hidden temple in a faraway land, as you come across ancient treasure, but it’s covered in sand and dirt. Would you sit there cleaning off each jewel individually as a cursed mummy slowly walks toward you, arms extended? Of course not! You pack up as much loot as you can carry and get out as soon as possible, and by “loot” we mean your “wet towel and damp wetsuit.” Let this New Wave Mesh Backpack sift the sand and dirt off the loot as you are making the escape. 
  • Many swimmers and triathletes use our mesh bag for storage and transport of swim-bike-run race gear. The best part of this mesh bag is that you can easily review your pre-race gear checklist and ensure that you have everything you need without fishing around inside your bag during the pre-race rush. The large mesh patterns allow better airflow, so that your equipment can dry out after your race.
  • With this bag’s massive load capacity, you can carry all your swim necessities such as your New Wave Swim Buoy, wetsuit, fins & snorkel, pull buoy, kickboard, New Wave swim goggles, New Wave waterproof cellphone case, sunscreen, swim caps, swimsuit, New Wave Swim Towel, change of clothing, etc. Look at it this way, most of us have only two hands, so if you try to carry more than two things, you might as well use this unbelievably versatile triathlon equipment bag by New Wave.
  • Some folks refer to this remarkably roomy mesh bag as a wetsuit bag, pool-side bag, or wet-gear bag, but everyone agrees, it is one of the best swim bags for swimmers who take their swimming seriously and who seriously love swimming. The New Wave Mesh Drawstring Backpack is the perfect gift for your swimmer friends or even yourself. Come on, you know you deserve it.
Bag dimensions - 50 cm x 68 cm (20 in x 27 in)

Just look at what our customers had to say about their New Wave Mesh Backpack:
  • This mesh backpack is big enough to fit all my swim equipment -- paddles, pull buoy, wetsuit, swim safety buoy -- and it can dry in between pool and open water swims. It can be worn as a backpack or slung over my shoulder. Excellent bag -- keeps all my stuff together and organized! 
  • Over the years, I have had many different mesh bags for swimming. Most of them ended up being too small to carry all of my stuff, or had drawstrings that were too thin or cut into my shoulders when carrying anything remotely heavy. This bag is big. It has enough room to carry everything I need and more. The drawstrings are thick, which makes it comfortable to carry my gear around. The bottom corners are reinforced, so I'm not worried about it coming apart. Overall, a great swim bag. 
  • I really like this bag. It will hold all my swim toys I take to the pool. I'm glad I bought this bag so my gym bag doesn't get soaked with my wet gear after a swim. 
  • I've had to throw out two moldy swim caps from my old bag because they didn't dry out properly, and haven't had an issue with this one at all. By the time I got to use my stuff again, it is all completely dry, and it is more than big enough to hold my caps, swimsuit, goggles, fins and paddles. 
  • Great bag that fits all my swim junk inside including my towel. Easy to grab getting out of the car (especially when I'm late and coach is waiting).


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Toni Payeras

    A bag where you can store everything you need for swimming, excellent.

    Michael Langenfeld
    Great bags

    These bags are great. Enough space for my swim equipment. Great to wear!

    A must have

    Helena Feiteira
    Great bag

    It's a really big and cool bag, always helps me carry my gear on swim sessions and race days 😊

    John Shoen

    Perfect swim stuff backpack. I'm a big fan of these mesh bags. They work for me. I use other zipper bags within it for different stuff. Great size and it's my new go to bag for open water swimming.

    Robert Quillan
    Five Stars😁

    I love this bag! I always keep all of my swimming gear in here so I never have to worry about forgetting it!

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